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RegJoint small joint spacer is a porous, bioabsorbable disk-like implant used for small joint arthroplasties in hands and feet for patients suffering from e.g. rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. RegJoint acts as a spacer in the joint, and is gradually replaced by patient's own tissue, forming a dense and flexible neojoint. RegJoint is made of widely used 96L/4D poly-L/D-lactide copolymer, and provides excellent pain relief with no weight or function restrictions after the rehabilitation period. We also provide a corresponding sizer for each RegJoint size. The reusable metallic sizers can be used to determine the correct RegJoint size for an operation.

RegJoint is available in the following sizes:
REF: RG0001, Ø 8 X 3.6 MM
REF: RG0002, Ø 10 X 4.0 MM
REF: RG0003, 
Ø 12 X 4.0 MM
REF: RG0004, 
Ø 14 X 4.5 MM
REF: RG0005, Ø 16 X 4.5 MM
REF: RG0006, Ø 18 X 4.5 MM
REF: RG0007, Ø 20 X 4.5 MM

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